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Coal Mining and Trading

Minera Power , Part of Minera Group has been involved in Coal mining, Exploration , Trading and export to countries in South and south east Asia. To ensure quality and timely supply we have invested in various coal mines and established good networks of supply and logistics.

Minera Group has its present operations in various parts of Kalimantan..Details

Nickel Mining

Our company has various operations in Nickel mining in Sulawesi province of Indonesia. Company has few joint operations with number of concessions in Sulawesi region with more than 1.8% Nickel content. We are actively looking for further investment into Nickel Mining.

Cement Clinkers

Minera Group has been supplying finest quality of portland clinkers for cement finishing mills. Our extensive range of networks and co-operations with leading cement clinkers producers has made it possble to supply clinkers on spot or future contract on CFR or FOB basis.

All our clinkers are of ASTM C150 or CPC50 Compliant and quality control has been maintained strictly throughout the production and delivery. Details..

Hot Briquetted Iron HBI

Guaranteed quality characteristics HBI is the total content of iron, which is not less than 90% and metallization, which is not less than 92%. metallic iron content of at least 83% in the HBI.

HBI are undisputable advantages: stable chemical composition uniformity, low contents of harmful impurities, such as phosphorus and sulfur; the absence of harmful elements - copper, nickel, non-metallic substances; the typical size of the briquettes; high specific bulk density; the possibility of long-term supply planning on volumes and terms.

HBI - an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, flameproof product with a high bulk density, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of storage, loading and unloading work and transportation of all types of transport.

Stone Quarry

With our investment in stone quarrys in various parts in Indonesia, Minera Group has managed to supply finest quality coarse aggregates for Roads, Bridges and multi story buildings and other constructions. Our company engaged in supply of granite coarse aggregates with Los Angeles abbrasion value bellow 20, which fits with any kind of construction requirement.



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